Comparing reception between Converters


I have a Toshiba TV with built-in tuner that's been giving me trouble below 50% on the onscreen reception meter. Muddled pixelation is the best way to describe the picture on the lower VHF channels. Yet I have a RCA DT800B on a small TV in my computer room that shows between 45-50% at times and the picture seems perfect. Go figure. I've studdied my own results on TVFool and ordered a DB4 antenna for the attic which I'll split between 3 TVs but I was just curious.


The DB4 is a good choice but if you're going to split the line 3 ways you will want to put a distribution amp between the antenna and splitter.

The DB4 has a gain of around 10 db but the 3 way splitter will eat up 7 or 8 of those db's so do use a distribution amp. They can be purchased at most any dept. store for around $25.00.