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On 11/9/2016 at 8:25 a.m., one of your drivers going South on I-35 from Oklahoma City to Norman cut in front of me and tail-gated the vehicle immediately in front of him. I followed behind him almost all the way to Norman (25 miles). During this time, he had to brake repeatedly because he was so close to the driver in front of him. This problem may have been partially caused by the fact that he was driving one-handed. He drove with his left hand while holding a cell phone in his right hand and speaking into it. He never put it down. Eventually he drifted into the right-most lane without signalling. Then he exited the freeway. I continued to my destination. Does AT&T have a policy concerning unsafe driving? I believe this driver was unsafe. I have the license plate number and I'm going to type it here. I understand you have to block it, but it's the only way I can report this dangerous behavior. Oklahoma license plate 1NXW550.

Thank you.

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