Complaint - customer service and tech support - is there anyone who cares about the c

I am completely disgusted with the poor level of service and support I have received since purchasing my service in April 2016. When we were sold our service plan, we were told that it included a full year of NFL Sunday Ticket. After calling several times to inquire why we did not have this service active, we were finally given the service. The problem is, I have been charged for it EVERY month since then and have to call regularly to have my bill credited. My solution was to cancel the Sunday Ticket to avoid having to call every month to fix my bill. Beyond that, I have a secondary HD box that has not worked in 2 weeks, and the technical support I was provided today infuriated me. There was a continual insinuation that the problem was my television, and it was done so in a very condescending manner. I know for a fact that my HDMI cable is good and providing a signal to my TV. I have checked all connections and reset my receiver multiple times. It will run the self diagnostic and show progress on the screen, but then the screen goes black again. The solution I was given was to charge me another 49.95 to send a tech out to my home. Why would I pay for you to come fix your own equipment??? We have already had to have U-Verse techs out 5 or 6 times to troubleshoot our internet connection, and I have not had a consistent billing cycle yet. My bill has increased every month. Now I'm 9 months into a 24 month agreement, paying more than I was told, for service that doesn't work, and any time I have to call, I get have more problems than I started with. I didn't think it could ever be worse than Comcast or Charter, but it is. AT&T, you really need to put some more focus on customer service and support. So my question is, what does it take to get in touch with someone who actually wants to keep me as a customer?

This question, "Complaint - customer service and tech support - is there anyone who cares about the customer?," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.