Computer Companies Seek Faster Spectrum Action


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Computer Companies Seek Faster Spectrum Action - 2011-09-12 14:49:21 | Broadcasting & Cable
The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation wants the FCC to "accelerate" the reassignment of spectrum via incentive auctions from what it calls "single-purpose legacy networks," by which it means primarily over-the-air TV, to mobile broadband.

ITIF, whose board members include representatives of Apple, Cisco, Hewlitt-Packard and Quaalcom -- all fans of spectrum, reclamation -- and Blair Levin, who headed up the FCC National Broadband Plan that proposed the incentive auctions, are billing it as a second DTV transition, and will outline and talk about the report at an event Tuesday in Washington.


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It should be noted that Cisco is one of only 2 set top manufactures for the U.S. cable industry and that they have experienced a downturn in demand in recent years.