Concerned in Wisconsing

I was wondering why you decided to put an expiration date on the coupons and then did not have converter boxes available to be purchased? When we first received our coupons we attempted to purchase converter boxes and could not find any. Our coupons then expired and when we called to get them renewed were told to go to an email site to get new coupons. This has not happened as they are deciding what to do with the expired coupons. I would think that if we were already issued coupons that it would not be a problem to reissue 2 more coupons as the funding for those 2 coupons has already been accounted for. How long do we need to wait for an answer and will we ever get our 2 coupons for the converter box? I am concerned. Please respond with an appropriate answer by February 2, 2009. Thank You.:)