Conficker worm ended up another Y2K

I'm sure that all of you heard the bad predictions of this so-called 'April Fool's Day Conficker Virus' that started bringing back memories of the 'world disaster' known as the Millennium Bug or Y2K error. but as with Y2K, it never happened. here it is, April 2nd and still nothing from the virus. guess it was the worlds worst April Fool's Day prank.
don't be so sure worms have a way of blowing up when you least expect it. now that everybody thinks it was a joke they will let their guard down. most anti virus software the good ones found the the code and they created definition for it so when you up dated your anti virus it was enable to detect it and quarantine it. but for those that had outdated anti virus and running boot legged copies of windows they may still get hit later these things are like time bombs.


Keep in mind that the nature of this was that it had to be triggered manually. With all the attention paid to it, in the media, people took precautions, thereby making triggering it now less worthwhile to the miscreants. They'll probably wait until people's guard goes down, and trigger it when people are not expecting it.
that conficker worm IS real, but i didn't get it. I have a good AV on this lappy as well as a good firewall. Common sense says, as long as your computer is protected, your safe.

Jason Fritz

Staff member
I've been pretty lucky over the past 2 years with worms and viruses etc, knock on wood. Seems like 2000-2005 were the worst years with Windows/Internet Explorer and security issues. I remember getting rid of a couple of toolbars/apps that installed themselves somehow and would not allow you to get rid of them...they infected the registry, and if you cleaned them off your PC, they would reinstall themselves. Think one of them was called Cool Web Search or something like that.
CoolWebSearch is spyware, not a virus. although they're just as annoying to get rid of.

The problem with Conficker was they had another mass hysteria about it just as with Y2K. but in the end, the effect was minimal at best, just like Y2K. again the media overreacts into a frenzy of 'The sky is falling!' lemmings who are only embarrassing themselves again.