"Confirm" button error in App - XFinity

I've taken the time to report this several times, but the problem persists.

With the recent update within the xfinity my acct app, the "Do. Or sell my info" hyperlink overlays the payment confirmation button, making it impossible to submit payment via the app. Instead, the legal jargon attached to that hyperlink opens up within an entirely new window.

I've spent time in the phone with customer service paying by phone (two months on a row now) and, when I asked if they would send a bug report up to QA or the app developers , as what once took me all of 1 minute to accomplish in the app is now taking 20 mins, I was told that it wasn't their area of expertise to report problems like this.

Wonderful technical support team attitude ya got there, Comcast. 😉

This question, ""Confirm" button error in App," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television Apps.

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