Confused about how to get 4k content - DirecTV

Hi, just hoping for a little clarification before calling DirecTV or seeing if I can do this without a call or professional installation.
I just bought a Samsung 4k ready TV (UN65ks8000). I hooked it up today. It's connected to an HR54-700 HD DVR receiver. My modem/router sits right next to them and both the directv receiver and TV are wired into it. I have two other 1080p tv's in the house using the mini genie client receivers. The DirecTV 4k page has a note saying I can't have the HD DVR connected to the 4k tv. Why is this? It makes no sense to me. I'd have to swap receivers around and use a Deca thing right? I do have a Deca lying around from three years ago though. That would further complicate things I would think. My current setup seems to make much more sense to me as the main receiver is wired directly to the modem/router. Will this not work? Do I still need to have someone come out to get 4k?
Thanks for all the help!

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