Congress DOES listen


Staff member
Well at least my congressman (E. Scott Garrett, R NJ-5) anyway. I got a call from his office today about my note about free antenna TV, asking whether I had anything further to say. The staffer also said that Rep. Garrett is a supporter of free OTA. Of course it is an election year so they can say anything, but at least I got a call back and willingness to listen instead of a form letter that I've gotten from others that I've written.

So don't give up hope yet... your congressperson does listen! Well at least mine does!


I wrote my Congressman and Senator a while back and got a form letter reply from all of them. Most politicians don't care about OTA TV, or know very little about it since most of them come from families of influence, they have likely never had to use an antenna to get TV programming. I wish more OTA users would get politically involved and write to their representatives about this issue.