Congress May Fast-Track Spectrum Auctions


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It’s looking increasingly likely that Congress may authorize the FCC to hold incentive auctions as soon as this summer as part of debt-ceiling legislation now in the works. NAB says it is “working hard to ensure that spectrum-related provisions would include replocation and interference protections for the vast majority of TV stations that will choose to remain in business.”


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But, now, the broadcasters are focused on the debt-ceiling bill and making sure that if it has incentive auction language it also has the full set of protections for broadcasters.

Among other things, the broadcasters are working to make sure the language includes a sunset on the FCC’s authority to repurpose broadcast spectrum; a ban on spectrum fees; provision preventing forced relocation to an inferior channel assignment or diminished service areas; and assurances that stations have enough spectrum to deliver full HDTV and provide new services like multicasting and mobile DTV.

Lawmakers hope to reach a consensus on a debt ceiling bill before the July 4 recess but it is unclear if they can pull that off.

Time is running out, Congress must raise the debt ceiling by Aug. 2, which is when the federal government says it will run out of money.

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