Connect dtv converter box to my vcr to record

Hi, my name is Michelle and i am having trouble trying to record from my dtv converter box. I think i have connected everything right but when i look at the recording i can hear it but the comes in static

Here is my info on the parts im using:
dtv box-rca
I have my antenna connected to dtv box in the antenna in
I have one of my coaxial cords connected to the vcr and tv, and the other connected from the antenna in on my vcr to the output to tv
I'm not sure if im missing a cord or not
If someone can help i really would appreciate it
Thanks in advance


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You may have set the vcr, tv, and converter to different channels, all need to be on channel 3 or all on channel 4. Check that first. You should be connecting the antenna out from the converter to the antenna in on the VCR. Then connect the antenna out from the VCR to the antenna in of your TV.

For the best picture and sound, though, I would suggest trying composite RCA cables from the converter to the VCR and TV.

Composite cables (3 wires, yellow, red, and white) give better picture and sound than coaxial antenna cable does. You'll need 2 sets of them, and you can find them for under $5 a set. Run one set out of the converter box and into your VCR. The other set you'll run from the VCR to the TV. the outputs and inputs are color coded: connect Red to red, yellow to yellow, white to white. You will select the "aux in" on both your tv and vcr. The big drawback with this setup is that your VCR must be turned on to watch TV through the converter.

rca_splitter.jpg A better solution that would allow you to watch TV without your VCR running is to split the output from each RCA jack from the back of your converter with RCA Splitter cables (Male to Female) and then run one set of composite cables to your VCR and the other set to the composite in of your TV. You'll need 3 splitter cables and 2 sets of composite cables. Altogether it should cost you under $20. If you decide to go this route, you may need help figuring out the wiring because as you can see, the colors on these splitters aren't the same. Just stop back after you get cables and we'll walk you through it.
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I have my Zinwell converter box hooked up to my VCR with composite RCA cables. Then select the correct input on the VCR. The Zinwell zat-970a converter box has a feature that lets you program it to come on at a specific time so you can set your timer on the VCR to copy.
Hey MrPogi, thanks for info and you were right my vcr channel was on 2 so thats why the picture wasn't coming in clear and I also used the a/v cords so the picture came in better.
I'm not interested watching a program while i record right now but if i change my mind i'll come back
Anyway, thanks again