Connect to a laptop with Dish Network?


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I've had dish network before on my regular PC and it seemed rather slow, I heard it was possible to take a laptop and then connect with a connection to the Dish that is out in the yard, is that possible or does there have to be some specific thing that we have to do in order for it to get to work or is this a bogus theory?


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Hello & welcome.

I am not sure how you did this before. Maybe you can tell us more about that.

There is something new that lets you watch your DishDVR anywhere an internet connection is available. It is already being discussed in another thread. Click here.


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Your post caught my attention, kiralynn, as I thought this was an interesting question. What you can do is get a TV Everywhere with a Sling adapter, which will allow you to watch TV from any computer that's connected to the internet. You will need a 722 or 722k receiver and a high speed internet connection to the receiver. Then, connect a USB cord from the receiver to the TV Everywhere Slingbox.

Hope that helps!