Connecting converter to Panasonic DVD/VHS Recorder DMR-E75V

Hi--We have a Panasonic DVD/VHS Recorder DMR-E75V and have as of yet been unsuccessful at connecting it with the digital converter box so as to be able to timer record. Can you tell me if this is a possibility or if it is another endangered species?


You should be able to set the timer still, but your Panisonic won't be able to change the channel like it used to. You'll have to change the channel manually on the converter box.


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Connect the RF (or RCA) output of the converter box to the input of your DMR-E75V, then connect the output of your DMR-E75V to your TV. You'll be using the converter's tuner instead of the DMR-E75V so you won't be able to change the channel with the E75V remote control like Tony mentioned.

It's one of the blips about the transition, older VCRs and DVR recorders just can't change the channel on the converter boxes tuner.


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No problem and yeah change the channel to the on eyou want to record. Make sure you turn the power saver feature off on your converter box through your menu because it may shut off in the middle of recording.

(BTW, I have no idea if the power saver feature HAS to be turned off for sure so test it for yourself first.) Good luck!