Connecting with celebrities on Twitter - Success and rejection


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Twitter. Frankly, I've not been a fan of social media in the past. I think it's dangerous, and truth be told, I still do. Yet, recently I was faced with a situation that had me reaching out via tweets for the very first time. One of the fascinating parts of Twitter is connecting with celebrities you enjoy. In the past, I've read about a star's quest to reach a million followers and another's intervention in saving a lonely tweeter's life. I've been curious to see what my own experience would be like, though I have yet to fully find and follow all of my favorites, many of whom are not front and center in today's world of television and movies but who are firmly in my heart.

The awesome and wonderful Patty Duke was the first star to reply to my hello tweet. I have loved Patty since I was a little girl, watching her on television in her self-titled TV comedy show. I was so excited that she was online and responding to individuals. Patty is an Oscar and Emmy winning actress with a talent most today can only pray to emulate successfully. Now living in Idaho, she's found a peaceful retreat though she wishes she were working more. I've watched this kind lady respond to so many fans with enthusiasm and caring. How delightful!

Then there is Lexa Doig, wife of Stargate SG-1 actor Michael Shanks. Lexa was also on SG-1 for the last couple of years, but is better known for playing the computer on Andromeda. Currently, she is starring in Sy Fy's Continuum. Not only is she tweeting, but so is the show's entire cast. In fact, they have been coming online to chat with fans while the show airs, not just in the east coast but during the west coast airing as well. It's a wonderful way to build momentum and attract viewers. They are a crazy and fun lot and obviously get along well. They converse with the fans and hey, when you get a response, it makes you smile. Lexa responded to one of my comments, and that was such a hoot. So far, her hubby has ignored me, though.

Shanks was a reluctant addition to the Twitter world, but has his moments. The language is a bit much for me, but he's shared his time, comments, and even photos with fans and that's cool. I like having a place to turn to discover what is happening with him. Maybe one day he'll grace me with a "hello" as well.

Then there is England's Matt Lucas, one of their craziest comics who actually spent a bit of time in America during 2012. He likes to tweet a variety of social commentary jokes as well as promoting whatever is new with him. He oftentimes will surprise a fan by following them on Twitter for a week which makes them happy campers. Sometimes he shares his music on youtube and posts it on Twitter for fans to become aware of. So far no responses from Matt to my tweets, but you never know!

One of Matt's best buddies is Alfie Boe, singer and actor best known to the world as Jean Valjean in the 25th Anniversary Concert of Les Miserable. The 2010 concert catapulted Boe from England's favorite tenor to the world's much loved singer of all music genres. He toured America in October 2012 and just concluded another tour of the east coast in early February. Boe isn't really a big tweeter, though he usually pops up to thank other performers, venues, and most anyone involved in events he is part of. He also uses it at times to thank fans for gifts they send him.

His team, however, frequently uses the account to promote him and whatever is happening so sometimes you have to detect whether the message is from Alfie or his management. Still, from time to time, he surprises and tweets something out of the blue, like his February 14 tweet to fans: "Happy Valentines Day everyone. Much love, A x" He has, very infrequently, responded to a fan, which keeps the flame alive that one day he might just reply to a tweet of mine. Indeed, one day last year, Alfie and his team must have been bored while traveling to a concert. They suddenly started responding to a bunch of fans for several minutes. It was the talk of his forum for the rest of the day as they debated what actually came from Alfie and what came from others who were with him. What would a tweet to this huge Alfie fan mean? Everything! Alas, the odds are not good since days such as last year's tweet explosion to fans are ultra rare.

Still, there are others out there to bring about smiles. Another British performer I have loved for many years, Emma Samms, did respond to my hello and made my morning just today. Emma was the young ingenue when she began on General Hospital as Holly Sutton, the new love interest for the show's popular Luke Spencer as played by Anthony Geary. She was immediately compared to Elizabeth Taylor and she did have the Liz glamour and look. I thought of Emma recently when Lindsay Lohan starred in a Taylor-themed movie. If only it were years ago. Emma is a beauty and could still play Liz. I actually have met Emma several times, though years ago, at GH events and her own fan club. Her kindness and genuine warmth have remained me. She's still acting a bit and even pops up on GH from time to time, but she's happily living in the UK and raising her children. Receiving her hello reply to my tweet was such a lovely way to start my day.

I've tweeted others, too, with no response as yet, including Emma's GH co-star Jacklyn Zeman, who is about to return to GH as nurse Bobbi Spencer and who I met at GH events in the past. She was always so much fun. The truth is, though, that I never really expect a response for anyone and I don't ask for retweets or replies. Rejection hurts, after all. If I get a reply, it's smile worthy. Alfie Boe would have me grinning for at least a month, but anyone who takes time out of their day to responds to a fan deserves kudos. Sometimes the stars just don't know what a little tweet could mean to someone who has enjoyed their work over the years or just needs to feel heard.

My thanks to Patty, Lexa, and Emma for giving me a few smiles and taking a moment to make this fan feel a little special. Maybe one day Alfie, Matt, Michael, Jacklyn, and some others will give me some joy as well.