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This question is about "Connection Drops and High latency from 7:30pm to 11:00pm", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I am trying to investigate an issue with my connection, that started up last week with my latency spiking up within the 100-400 region. Which lasted about 2 hours so i chalked it up to stuff in the background updating, Until 3 days ago my connection to the internet would drop once every hour, it was hard for me to notice it when i was using my browser since it only lasted a second or two. But when i started up the games i play i would be kicked out for some reason so i timed it since the 1st disconnection i got and it was in hourly intervals, lasting around 1 to 2 seconds with major packet loss then slowly to no packet loss. My ping wouldnt rise during this loss at all so it didn't seem like a latency issue to me. Which brought me to check the logs of my modem/router issued to me by twc, a Ubee DVW32CB, this modem was issued to me 5 months ago when i ran into major latency issues that affected me on a daily basis until i got about 3 techs and a higher tier team out to my neighbor hood to look at the issue. Then everything ran smoothly until this month, when a new issue rises up to add chaos and discomfurt to my life T.T. So far i have not been able to check event logs in the Router due to there not being an option to do this or to even check if the firmware is outdated (honestly if there is im just blind to it). So just incase i uninstalled my network driver and reinstalled it on both my computers, switched out ethernet cords, though the ethernet and coax cord were only given to me 5 months ago and i have them in places where that cannot be damaged with anyone jumping on the or taking a pair of scissors to them. The coax socket was replaced when the techs came 5 months ago so i have doubts its that. So then i checked my event viewer of my system using the manage button for my computer, same for my laptop it showed issues where main browser and other applications that used dns access had lost that access during the time frame of the dropped connection. Example would be i have a log on my laptop for around 10:03pm where the main browsers lost connection, and a log from my desktop for around 10:06pm where the main browser lost connection this one i was more of a witness to do to me gaming when 10:06pm came around and i was discounnected with 98.96% packet loss and slowly falling to 0.00%. I have some speculations it may be caused by an application i use called teamspeak to communicate with my gaming buddies but due to little to no evidence of this i will do some testing to check, my suspicion comes from the fact that yesterday for about 30minutes the teamspeak server we use had went down for everyone and after it had come back up i didn't have any drops the rest of that day , though i did have the latency issue from 7:30pm to 11:00pm on the dot. I was also suspicious of the weather since it had been raining moderatly for about week, as the cause for the drops, the latency was before the rain. Another thing i woudl like to note is that a day before the drops accured a technician from att was in the neighboor hood, prolly setting up some of my neighboors with internet /cable/phone lines, while i do not know if thats has any relation to the issue i would like to include it to cover any ground i can. Another note to add since I almost forgot i have not changed any setting within my router, except when i used the port forwarding funtion to host multiplayer servers for me and my gaming buddies, but i have had them disabled when the latency issue sprung up, so though i could be wrong have confirmed that may not be the issue. Also before i had the dropped connection issue when ever i would start my computer it would not connect to the internet right away it would say limited to no connectivity but when i removed the ethernet cable then putting in back in and it would connect fine then the day after it did the same again but after removing the cable and reconnecting it, it didnt connect and would loop between trying to connect and no connection so i restarted my computer and that didnt fix it, then i unplugged the router for 5 mintues then plugged it back in and no problem then 3 days later the dropping happened.

I have seen a couple of post with latency and connection drop issues, and am hoping i can get any kind of insight/ help with my issue, before i notify TWC and have a tech come out to tell me they see nothing wrong, and me having to go back and forth again till the issue is resolved.

Also apologies for the long amount of txt just hoping to be as detailed as i can.

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