Connection Kit Issue with Directv - DirecTV

I just recently purchased a directv connection kit to use to get on the internet, i believe i have followed the instrutions found on this web site correctly.. my receiver is a HR23/700 I have the coax cable that comes directly from the Satellite hooked into the connection kit the one closest to the eternet cable plug in........ I have the other one hooked to the other connection kit coax place an then to the receiver..... The only thing I do now Have is the DECA 2 that it shows the eternet cable plugs into then plugs into the receiver... But there is a Eternet Cable connection on the back of the connection kit so I used that then other end to receiver.... IT is not working though at all...... If i manually try to put in the IP settings, using wired connection it shows connected but not no network connected.... any Ideal of what I am doing wrong?

Thank you