Connection speeds SB6141 - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Connection speeds SB6141", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I currently have the 200/10 plan. I have the SB6141 modem and was consistently getting ~ 100mbps on various speed tests, so I researched online and it was stated that the max that this modem can do on spectrum/twc would be ~100 since it can only do 8 channels at a time.

So yesterday I called Spectrum to confirm and they did confirm with me that the max speed I would get with my current modem would be ~135mbps. Today without any changes I am getting ~200-215mbps on various speed tests both on my PC and my tablets/phones.

Are the speed tests off? or did something change? trying to account for the difference in speed overnight and also the fact that I was told i would only be able to get ~135max with my current equipment however I am getting far above it.

Connection speeds SB6141?