considering dual antennas, what to get?


I have an old antenna but it looks a lot like the Channel Master Advantage 45.

My problem is that I can't get a good signal of all the channels I want all the time. More or less, there are two groups of towers and they are almost 90 degrees apart so if I'm really careful I can turn my antenna to a point between the two groups of antennas and if I'm lucky I might get all the stations reliably for a few days. The first group includes 10‑1 (17), 3‑1 (36), 8‑1 (8) and the second group includes 6‑1 (23), 31‑1 (31), and 15‑1 (15). A neighbor recently built a new house next to my house and installed this. They look like dual RCA ANT751E with a Winegard combiner. That works well for him but I was hoping to get dual antennas with a bit more gain and use an ordinary splitter/combiner. I have a lot more devices and splitters in my home. I was thinking of getting two Winegard HD7694P and combining them but I'm not sure it would work. Seems like the key for using two antennas is to be sure they are highly directional so that the antenna pointed at one group of towers doesn't pick up much of the signals from the other group of towers. Any suggestions for what antenna to use in a dual antenna setup?

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