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There's a bunch of info out there like this on how the Government is using the media to brainwash people, etc. Check out some of the crazy wikipedia entries on 911 Hoax and Hoax moon walk.

My thoughts are, there are many colleges, newspapers/media outlets, and scientists, that could test a theory like the article you mentioned. Until I see any kind of documented proof, I refuse to accept any "talk" of conspiracy that proves otherwise.


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hey blank check out my post. anyway i came up with this on my own. i'm a thinker. i don't follow the local news or anything else. i'm not scared of change but i do have my doubt's about where this is heading and least i'm not the only one that thinks this way. and if i'm a nut then so be it. lol
If you are one of those people who think theres a camera inside of these boxes, go head over to youtube and look for the video of the guy who opened one up with a screwdriver.

There are no cameras, microphones or any of that stuff in them. Its just a tuner.

the government is not trying to mind control anybody, nor is there any nefarious playings going on here. It's just television. China has been using DTV for years.

If you are still skeptical, then look for the video on there. The guy opens it up with a screwdriver to prove everyone wrong. Whoever spread this crazy rumor around should be shot in the head a million times.