Constant issues with steaming Youtube on X1 Box



I hope this is a right place to ask this. So I'm a care giver for my mother and she is bed bound. She get easily overwhelmed with a lot of the feature on the X1 box, but has the last few month been enjoying Youtube. I usually put on something that she likes from a playlist which can have 10-17 hours worth of content so that I don't have to be around all the time to constantly have to find her more to watch. Not that she's awake through it all, but here's the issue.

I've notice the App for Youtube doesn't like continuous playing with playlist this large as of late. It use to work great before I say around summer of 2020. Whatever update to the box since then has really caused the app to be unstable. Sometimes it just gets stuck trying to load into the next video and sit on a black screen. The simple fix for this is just hit the rewind button once and play again and it'll carry on.

The most recent issue has been that it's been acting like it's at the end of the playlist and show the replay symbol, and a play next video title card, but that's it. I have to hit the back button, go back into the playlist and find where it left off when it does this. Sure it's less of a headache if the playlist is small, but if it's a big playlist of 100+ and it's a third or halfway through it does take a bit to keep pressing the arrow button one at a time to get back.

Now before anyone from Xfinity say, "Do X or Y." I have tried all things I can from my side. I have, power cycled the box, restarted the box, refreshed the box, reset Youtube app, completely unplugged th box, waited 30 seconds and plugged it back in. Part of the issue I feel is this constant updating of the box. You don't need to do this ever 24 hours, if I had to do this on my PC I would go mad. Take the updates to weekly and take your time to make sure the update won't break anything before they put into place.

The other issue could be the box may not be working well anymore and may need to be exchanged. I like to also add please, please remove the maximum screen saver time of 5 hours. Every five hours it kicks in regardless and yeah I read it to prevent burn in for newer OLED screen, but we don't own one and should be able to choose wither I want a setting to be enabled or not. That goes for updates too. If everything is working and then Xfinity comes along with an update and it breaks anything then I'm out of luck.

There should be a way to roll back to previous update and disable the updates so they don't get reinstalled. I mean even Windows 10 allows you to halt updates for 35 days. I'd like that kind of options and maybe choose it to update once a month.

Okay, sorry about that side tangent, but I really needed to get that off my chest. I know this pandemic has probably caused man power issue on Xfinities side of things, but please look into you app side of things along with allowing the consumer to have a little more control over the cable box. It use to be so simple and you keep just piling more feature onto it which just lead to more problems down the road.

I would just use our Roku, but then that would mean I'd have to give my mother 3 different remotes to be able to switch back and forth between the X1 box and the Roku(Input doesn't work right on the X1 controller, tv remote needs to be used). One to navigate the Roku and the other for the X1 Box. Oh and let me not forget the third party sound bar which I can not program through the X1 remotes since it is not supported. So that would make 4 remotes.

Two is already her limit and you want me to add 2 more just so she can watch Youtube without issues? Please forward this issue to those in charge the X1 box settings and apps. I just want my mother to have a nice uninterrupted experience since shes can't do anything else, but lay in bed. If this was your only way to stay entertained then you should understand.

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