Constantly have to cycle Dolby to get audio? - DirecTV

I just got some new boxes, I now have an HR54 Genie and a 4k box. I've got an LG OLED55B6P tv hooked to the 4k box connected with a high speed hdmi cable. I'm passing audio through the tv through an optical out to my audio receiver. Unfortunately I can't run hdmi through the receiver because it isn't new enough to pass the 4k video through.

When I switch between 4k video, live or on the DVR, my audio stops working. I then need to go to audio settings for the box and HIGHLIGHT Dolby, I don't actually have to change anything, Dolby is on and stays on but it seems to wake something up when I highlight the option and the audio comes back on. It's a real pain to constantly have to do this.

Any ideas?


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