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If you own hardware that supports TVGOS and you are having problems. First verify that your local CBS affiliate is contracted to broadcast the TVGOS signal. If they are on the list to broadcast and you don't receive the signal, contact their engineering department and ask them to help. If owners of TVGOS compatible hardware work together, we can supply the necessary information to help in hardware and software issues related to the DTV transition as it affects TVGOS. If the engineers don't hear about issues we are having they can't resolve them. Your help is appreciated.

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To further assist you this post contains a link showing hardware that supports TVGOS as well as a link showing where the TVGOS signal originates from.

The following link lists supported hardware
TV Guide On Screen Support - Macrovision

Check out the following link to see if your local CBS affiliate is listed.
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I have TVGOS on SONY Bravia KDL42V4100 and have used successfully since September 2008. I've gone through setup hundreds of times so I'm familiar with the procedures. Yesterday for some reason, I observed the listings to be incomplete, so I went through setup again. Today after the power being off only overnight, I observed that the lineup was back however not complete. At that point, I checked the status of setup and discovered the display offering a choice of cable services, however, I selected the wrong one. Question: what steps do I need to take in order to change the channel lineup listing from one cable provider to another, that is when more than one are available for my Zip Code area?
Problem solved by yours truly! I kept checking options because I had this problem before and resolved it. The solution was simple and I discovered it. I initiated another setup and at the screen after completing info, you are provided 3 options one of which states something like this: listings are correct but lineup is not correct (which was my problem). So I chose that option and the next screen provides a list of cable service providers. Since I had previously selected a provider other than my own, I solved the problem by selecting the correct provider and "voila" the issue was resolved.

Sorry to trouble everyone. It's good information to know so maybe another user may find my problem resolution helpful.


I watched tv past 2:56 am one night a week ago and can't get guide back. Currently has wrong date and time for up date. Time will not come back either. Don't understand why such a hassel everytime I dare to have tv on past 2:56 am. Usually repairs itself in a day or two but not this time> I even tried unpluging the tv to reset itself and that failed
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