Contacting Directv - DirecTV

Is there any way to email Directv? The Directv contacts page has links to email but it redirects to the chat and phone number page, each of which has not resolved or answered my questions.

I have an old H20 which is extremely slow to respond to button presses it's virtually unwatchable. I've tried to update to an HD DVR receiver online but it simply refuses to add the receiver to the cart. I've tried calling 3 separate times and each time I am offered (pushed in one occasion) to get a genie and/or a 2 year agreement. They won't even address the website not allowing self checkout. I then inform them that I don't want a genie, just a HD DVR receiver and max a one year agreement. The conversation then goes in circles with endless offers for a genie and a 2 year agreement.

Does anyone know the answer to: what is the cost for an HD dvr receiver without a genie and a max one year agreement?

I've been with Directv for 23 years and I'm afraid the next time I call will be to cancel service. This is extremely frustrating. I didn't think it would be this difficult.

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