Contemporary Research 232-ATSC Tuner


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Anybody bought or seen one of these yet?

Clear QAM
RS-232 control

$1050 MSRP! Kind of pricey.
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The 232-ATSC HDTV Tuner is an integrator-friendly universal HDTV tuner, controllable via two-way RS-232 and discrete IR commands. Able to fit two-across in a 2RU rack space, the compact tuner outputs HDMI, RGB/Component, and composite video simultaneously. NTSC broadcasts are upscaled for HD display. Digital Dolby® 5.1/PCM audio is available from HDMI, coax, and optical connections, as well as variable-level stereo audio. Setup is a snap, employing on-screen menus, included IR remote, front-panel programming, and RS-232 control commands.

For home theater applications, the 232-ATSC offers no-compromise full-bandwidth image quality of local HDTV broadcasts and can access multi-channel programs - features not supported by cable and satellite "HD" programming.

For commercial installations, the 232-ATSC tunes in today's and tomorrow's programming, and can receive conventional cable channels as well as local HDTV broadcasts from an off-air antenna. See Tuning Digital Cable Channels to learn how to determine which cable channels can be tuned in your installation.

Universal Tuning – Handles a mix of ATSC, clear QAM and NTSC channels
Pro Integration - Features 2-way RS-232 control and feedback with simple ASCII commands, as well as discrete IR and wired IR - AMX and Crestron modules available
Dual Channel RF – Tune channels from switchable Cable and Off-Air RF inputs
Fast Tuning - Changes analog and digital channels instantly with improved RF reception
Total Video - Simultaneous HDMI, RGB/Component, and composite video output (RGB and Component switchable)
Total Audio - Simultaneous digital Dolby 5.1/PCM HDMI, coax, and optical outputs, as well as analog stereo
HD Scaling - Upscales NTSC broadcasts for HD output
Easy Set-up - Front-panel programming supported by LED display, on-screen menus using included HD2-RC IR remote, and RS-232 control commands
Closed Captioning - Displays analog and digital captioning text
On-Screen Menus - Setup, Electronic Program Guide, Channel, Favorites, and Program Information menus
Compact Rack Mounting - Mounts in 2RU single RK1-HD or dual RK2-HD 19” rack kits
Includes - HD2-RC IR wireless remote, 12 VDC switching power supply
Green Machine - Meets RoHS safety and California energy standards

Thomas G

RS-232 or IR control. Automation must be expensive. When AVSForum doesn't even have an "Official Thread" on it, it must be a pretty rare piece of HT equipment.


Not a big seller I'm guessing. :) I'm just trying to figure out why it costs $700-$800 more than comparible HD tuner's without RS-232.


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Not a big seller I'm guessing. :) I'm just trying to figure out why it costs $700-$800 more than comparible HD tuner's without RS-232.
Two clues. One is rack mountable. Two is RS-232 control.
This can be used in a commercial environment where you have a separate computer doing your scheduling if used in a cable head end or studio.

Hence it's commercial equipment that greatly inflates the price.