Continuous banner bottom of screen - DirecTV

My dad turned on uverse TV this morning and now has a continuous banner at the bottom of every channel. The banner is advertising for yahoo finance, hulu, flicker, youtube...
This us very anyone as the banner blocks the news banner on the bottom of the page. When he talked to the ppl at uverse they told him in order to remove this ad banner the community has to request it. This is ridiculous we already pay for channels that have advertising, why add to it with a continuous ad banner?
Is there a way for him to get ride of it or is Changing his tv service provider the only way?
He has already tried to reboot by unplugging, no good.

This question, "Continuous banner bottom of screen," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.


I agree, the banner should be anywhere but the bottom of the screen. Programs always put important messages there and the banner blocks the messages. Also, that is where news scrolls. I ALWAYS, have to press exit twice, after pausing, to clear the banner so I can read the messages or news under it. It is definitely a nuisance to have to press "exit" every time you want to expose what's been covered by the stupid banner.

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