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For Controlling que and season passes from other receivers., relating to DirecTV DVRs and receivers. I have a HR22pro DVR with a 2 terabyte hard drive in a central room in the basement, and then each of the TV's in the house have their own H22 receivers, all networked together with the DVR. I intend for the DVR to only function as the storage device for recorded programs, I do not plan to have it hooked up to its own TV. This plan works fine for setting recordings, watching them, and also deleting them, but what I lack is the ability to control my season passes (or whatever DirecTV calls them). I would like to be able to view the que, change the priorities of my upcoming recordings, as well as delete unwanted season passes from the other TVs. This does not seem to be an option at this time, anyone know if there is talk of this becoming an option in the future, or is there a way to do it that I am not thinking of?
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