converter box and antenna


I purchased a digital converter box for my tv along with an antenna. I have yet to recieve any of the over the air channels on my tv with the digital converter and antenna. I tried moving the antenna around various parts of the yard rescanning the converter box. etc still nothing.




We're going to need a few questions answered before we'll be able to hazard a guess about what's going on, namely:

* What make and model of antenna is this? How old is it? Is it capable of receiving both UHF and VHF signals?

* How high off the ground is it mounted? Generally, the higher it is, the better the reception.

* How is the antenna connected to the converter box? Brand-new RG-6 coaxial cable would be best. If it's old -- or, worse, any of the connectors are showing corrosion -- you may need a new cable. Cabling defects are typically behind most reception issues, particularly in situations where nothing seems to get through.

* How far away are you in relation to the stations you wish to receive? For the best answer to that, we need you to visit TVFool, which has a tool that generates a report we can analyze for your reception situation. The report includes a link in bold type after the words
If you would like to share these results with others, this page can be referenced as:
that will allow us to look at the report if you'll be so kind as to post it in a follow-up message.

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