Converter Box AND Cable


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I just saw a thread that is prompting this question. I hadn't considered the possibility of using the converter box AND cable. Right now I actually do have an AB switch on my TVs and can go back and forth between cable and antennae, something that has come in handy many times. I had assumed those days were over. However, am I wrong? Can the converter box be hooked up to the AB switch? I truly didn't think that was an option, so I'm very interested in finding out if it can be.


I've forgotten about A/B switches, mainly because many televisions produced over the last 15 years have had multiple inputs. Most cable boxes support various types of outputs, and the digital converter boxes support RF. So I'd hook the digital converter box up to the RF input and the cable box up to an AUX input, and just use the capabilities of the television to switch between the two sources.

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