Converter box can't find any channels in apartment building, but TV tuner can.


I just bought a new 4k tv, but unfortunately it does not have a tv tuner built in. Our apartment has coax connections for our TV service. As such, I bought a digital converter box (iView 3500stbii) to take the coax and output hdmi. The problem I'm having is that the converter box is not finding a single channel from the coax. I know the coax works, because when I try my other tv (Toshiba 32L2400U) I get all the channels perfectly. (The Toshiba has 8VSB ATSC Standard and 64QAM and 256QAM for cable.)

I have tried two different brands of converter boxes now (other was Mediasonic homeworx) with the same issue. Something interesting is that the Toshiba is reporting that the channels are analog, not digital.
So, any ideas on how I can get TV? Am I buying the wrong type of converter? Why aren't they picking up channels?

Thanks for the help.
It sounds as if you have a cable system that is still running some NTSC analog channels. While there may be others on the market the only stand alone tuners I'm currently aware of that still have analog NTSC tuners are some of the ePVision products.
I checked on the Toshiba 32L2400U it does have a NTSC tuner. Most televisions do even though NTSC is no longer in use in most areas.

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