Converter Box doesn't work at all

Hi, everyone:

I searched threads (quickly) but only saw problems with converters that worked, but worked poorly. So I started a new thread ...

I'm wondering if I should just trash my converter and start over. Or maybe the antenna. Or both - and the cable I bought.

Here's my sad story:

I bought a Sylvania SPAT 102 Digital Converter Box. My analog TV is a very old Sharp 139-M60 that worked fine on cable. The rabbit-ears type new UHF/VF antenna is made by RCA. I connected everything - this is not brain surgery - and here's what happens:

1. I press the Power button on the Converter's remote; its Power light goes from red to green.
2. I turn on the TV from the Power button on the set. The Converter LED displays "boot" for a minute or two. The TV screen displays some changes - but no picture.
3. "boot" on the LED screen is replaced by "- - - -." The Power light remains green.
4. I click the Menu button on the Converter's remote. Nothing happens.

I've tried varying the order of these steps. I've checked and re-checked the connections. I've memorized the user manual. All I get is snow. (Now it's true I bought the cheapest ones I could find. Is that my problem?)

So whaddaya think, forum? Do I have a defunct converter?

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Internally, your Sylvania box is probably a badge-engineered copy of an E-Matic 103B, a HomeWorx or a ViewTV converter box: I have a ViewTV version and it works well for me. The tuner is better than D2A converters from 2008-2009.

You said you have memorized the user manual but first I must ask if the output channel from the converter box matches the channel selected on your Sharp TV? Both must be on channel 3 or both on channel 4.

IF ... your Sharp TV is 'cable-ready' have you entered its onscreen menu and changed the setting away from 'Cable' to 'Terrestrial' or 'Antenna' reception?

Next, have you ever received free OTA reception (analog or digital) at your current location and if so, what were you using for an antenna at that time?

For us to proceed, we need to study your free antenna survey which is available here:

Please use your real street address and the height above ground where your antenna is located: that website will automatically conceal your personal details. Then, post the resulting URL here for us to study.

Jim and the DTVUSA Staff
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