Converter Box DTT901


Sandra Goldstein

I need your help. I have a tv converter box DTT901. I have an antenna attached to it. For the past one year it worked so beautifully. For almost three weeks it turns to bluish screen as well picture. No color picture. The analog TV screen is blue too. I did try some things to make blue disappear. Unfortunately no luck. I have no idea which is the culprit…converter box or analog TV or both.

I need help.


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That would be the Zenith DTT901. Is the screen all blue, like on a VCR that has no signal, or is it video that is bluish?

Is the converter box hooked to your TV using coax cable (antenna cable) or using composite cables (yellow + red & white)?

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As Mr Pogi suggested, remove the converter box from your system, connect the output from your VCR or DVD player directly to your TV, set your TV to match the signal output (channel 3 or 4) and try to watch a movie. If you see a clear picture, the problem is not with your TV set. Some brands of converter boxes have a poor record for their dependability and it may need to be replaced.


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