Converter Box For MH Winegard

After connecting the Winegard converter boxes to 3 TV,s in my motorhome.
I get the new analog signal on them but they do not transmit a cable signal when I am hooked up to a RV site that has cable available. I have to disconnect the box and have the signal go directly to my TV from the cable antennae. How can I correct this, so that I can watch either cable or analog TV on these sets. Do I need some type of splitter in between the connections.

Jason Fritz

Staff member
You'll most likely need an A/B Switch of some sort. This will allow you to combine the two inputs (Switch A: cable and Switch B: DTV from the converter box), into a single output into your TV.

What does your setup look like right now? How are you able to use one converter box for all three TVs?


DTV installation in a motorhome

The DTV converter connections in and out must be only between the TV and the Coaxial cable coming in to the TV. If you have an entertainment switch in your coach, that switches to Cable or Satellite inputs - You can leave the DTV converter hooked up, but you must turn the power to it OFF This will work if you have the converter wih the Analog Pass-thru (Winegard DT109A) the 109 is not pass thru

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