Converter box installed, red light always on

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installed converter box. My older tv has rabbit ears.
after completion a small red eluminated dot
appears on the front of the box. this applies whether
the tv is on or off. is this correct?


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I am a mechanic and I'll never admit to doing that! :D
haha, isn't there like some statistic that the dummy light on cars is wrong like 75% of the time??

Anyway, where's divxhacker?? I'm sure he has a hack for turning that light off. ;)
It wasn't 'wrong' for me. i had a Subaru XT that whenever that light came on it stalled and refused to start up again. but again that was before OBDII came out which allows a car to run perfectly fine it's entire life even with the 'Service Engine Soon' light on. i know my age is showing but i remember back when the 'Engine/Check Engine/Engine Malfunction' light was a replacement for the Oil/Alt/Temp gauges on old cars in the late 1970s. that was when they made one lamp to take the place of three others. it was EFI that later made the 'Check Engine' lamp more of a 'Waste $50 just to figure out what's wrong with it!' light.

But that's off topic so i'll stop at that.

All the CECB's i see have lights that change color when on or off. blue for on, red for off, green for on, amber/red for off. it is designed to allow the user to know it's plugged in and in 'standby' mode. i really don't have trouble sleeping with it on the red/amber as it's so soft glowing, but green/bright digital blue (what is it with all new stuff having bright blue power lights?) keeps me awake. looks like HAL 9000 is staring at me or something.
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At least on the Hondas you could jumper a couple of wires and get a code that says what's wrong.
Last time I had to do that, it was the oxygen sensor for the emissions system.


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For all those that assisted me I finally figured it out!
What I have to do is put the tv on with the remote that came with the converter box. Then the red light on the coverter box turns to green like I thought it should. However, after that can not do anything else with that remote, and have to use the old remote that came with the tv years ago. I also turn off the tv with the old remote. When it goes off I use the remote that came with the converter box to turn off the green light and return to red. Make sense anyone?
It works so will see if I pass the TV test next time.
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