Converter Box problems

I bought two coverter boxes on 9/26/08 with the dtv coupons recived and one box has worked until last week.i did all necicery test on the box.
It is not reciveing a signal and the store reciept i bougt it from has allready exspired and the year warenty has also. What can i do now? Should this box be no good allready only ment to last a year or so? I bought both my boxes at the same time and the outher box is still working dose also have probloms bringing in some signals for some stations.



There are two fairly simple things you can do with both boxes to see if things improve:

• Try unplugging each one for at least five minutes, and then plugging them back in, trying them again and seeing whether things are better. Converter boxes are really little computers; this is akin to a desktop computer "hard boot" from a totally powered down state.

• If there's no improvement, try performing a double re-scan, particularly on the "dead" box, using this procedure. It should take no more than 15 minutes to complete.

None of these boxes should be dead yet, but some makes and models were clearly built better than others, and so it does happen. These procedures are worth a try because lots of people are encountering similar converter-box issues these days, and re-booting them helps clear things up in many cases. Good luck, and please let us know how things turn out, OK?

When I attempt to use the Programmed Time Recording, and I get to the date, the year 2015 won't change to 2016. When I try to change the "5" to "6" the remote locks out and the unit shuts down.

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