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My converter box is not functioning correctly. It keeps shutting itself off. I don’t know where to get another one that will work.

This is really annoying and it really limits our abliy to use the tv. I realize it’s old, but, then, so are we. We will have to replace the old tv soon, when the prices go down. Until then, what can I do to fix this?


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We will have to replace the old tv soon, when the prices go down.
This could well be your best option. A new converter box will run you about $50, and if you are going to replace that TV soon anyway, you will just be throwing away that $50. Your old TV could even die before you get a new TV. Fortunately, this is a great time of year to be looking for a new TV. Many stores have last year's models on clearance at really good prices. Check some stores. My 2 local Walmart stores each had at least 20 of various sizes on clearance yesterday.

Until then, what can I do to fix this?
Try, in this order:

First, converter boxes have an "energy saving" feature that shuts them off after a period of time. Go into the menu and make sure that this feature is disabled, or set for the longest time period available.

Second, you can try unplugging the unit for an hour and see if that "resets" it.

Third, the unit may be overheating. Does it get very hot when it is on? if this is the case and 1 and 2 above did not help, you may have the box in a confined area without ventilation. Try moving it to a better spot. If there are any openings in the case for ventilation, make sure they are not obstructed or dusty. As a last resort, you might try ventilating the case by putting openings in the plastic case. Be careful when doing this to avoid damage to the internal components.
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One more idea. Some boxes and TVs have a "sleep" function that automatically turns the set off after a specified period. (There are hundreds of complaints on the internet about my Datavue TV, from people who hit the sleep button without knowing it. It's right below the info/dot button that you have to use constantly just to change channels.) Somebody could have hit that, and the only way you'd know it is when the picture flicks off right when they're about to answer the final Jeopardy question.



Shut off problem

Converter box shuts off after turning it on for a few seconds and when I turn it back on have to reset it all over and it does the same thing over and over


Thank you. My converter kept shutting off. You were right the setting had to be changed. Now it is working ok.

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