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i never received any coupons for c. i am retired and i do not have much extra how can i get a converter box for me and my 90 year old father. thank you.


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Greetings dexter welcome to the Forum :welcome:

Sorry, the government $40 coupon program has been over for many months. The "coupons" were actually like pre-paid debit cards that expired 90 days after issue.

That being said, you still have a number of options:

Try your local Thrift Store: people often give them to charity when they no longer need converter boxes. Garage sales are also a good source, as people upgrade their old TVs. Do make sure to CHECK them out and make sure they work first! Sometimes they will be missing their remote control unit, but you can buy a replacement for about $10.

Best Buy still sells them and there is one available at Wal-Mart ($38, online only, w/ site to store) or you can try Ebay using our Auction-bot link at the bottom of this Forum page. Another option is to replace your current TV with a new TV, which will both get you free broadcast TV and give it to you in High Definition. Smaller models, 15 to 30 inches, are priced from about $150 to $300.

If you are near the Canadian or Mexican border and currently receive analog signals from foreign stations, or if you have been receiving a LP analog translator, the Converter Box needs to have a function called "analog pass thru" for it to be able to receive those stations. Many Canadian and Mexican stations are now converting to digital or they will in the near future. If You need a box with pass thru, but can't find one, you could use an "a-b" switch to switch from digital to analog.

Make sure you have a proper antenna for it, rabbit ears usually don't work very well. We can help you select the right antenna for your location. If you have any more questions, please ask.


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