Converter Boxes Run Hot. Is This Normal?


My converter boxes are too hot!!! Please help.

model DTA 1050
mfg date 09/08
F090850000928 and 877
dolby digital

I am also had trouble in getting signals. They suddenly started coming in weak so I tried reprogramming. Bad mistake!! Originally I had 26 channels coming in and now can only receive 4 channels? I went a bought new expensive indoor antenna and it still won’t work!!! These are not my regular local channels. I don’t want to read all day and night. I want to stay connected with the TV!! Please help~~~~!!!!!!!!

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:welcome: Gloria,

I have not personally used or worked with your model converter boxes, but I have questions: you said boxes (plural): are you telling us more than one converter box suddenly became hot to the touch?

Next, what were you using for your original antenna and what did you replace it with?

Last, for us to help you we need the resulting URL from the free online 'over-the-air-TV test' available here: TV Fool You said you used to have 26 free channels, but there may be many more available to you. The link above will automatically conceal all of your personal information for your security.

When you run the test PLEASE insert the maximum possible height your antenna (whatever type it is or will be) COULD be located above ground level. We can help you.



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Often times a clothes hanger will work better than the "high end" indoor antenna. Their amplifiers actually make reception worse. Many of the converter boxes were cheaply made and would overheat and die. So, your not alone if that happened.
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Every box I have ever used gets warm. I added holes for ventilation to my DTVpal box, it helped.
I have photos here on the Forum in my profile showing how I 'ventilated' my DTVPAL converter box. My Channel Master CM-7000 runs 24/7 and it is warm to the touch, but it is not hot.

Gloria said boxes (plural) and I wish she would return to better explain her problem and share her TVFOOL report.


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