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I have an in-dash DVD/TV Tuner (analog) in my car. The TV system is PAL/NTSC. I understand I will need to purchase a digital receiver box. I started to purchase one from Enon (E770 DVBT) but found out that their box does not work in the USA. Is there anywhere I can purchase a digital converter for my in-dash mobile TV tuner and will I also need to replace the antenna? Thanks.


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Welcome to th forum. It depends on how you want to receive dtv signals.

If you plan on watching TV while not driving. Any converter (like the Insignia or DTVPal) will connect to your in-dash as long as their is an RCA or RF input on your in-dash unit. With a normal digital-to-converter box though, you will not be able to receive dtv signals if you're going faster than 5-7MPH.

If you want the TV to be viewable while driving, there's a new "mobile" format coming out at the beginning of 2010 called ATSC-M/H. It'll be the only way to watch over-the-air television while moving at speeds 7 MPH and above.
Hey there Aaron: Thank you so much for the tip. I really appreciate that. Been ill as crazy since my last login but now I am back in the saddle and I first wanted to thank you for responding to my post. I don't watch TV often; mostly when I am on my way to work and I want to hear the traffic watch. You are the master!!!!!
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