converter/VCR/4-port switch: how to RECORD?

I have struggled to figure out how to record TV broadcasts using my analog VCR, analog TV and a digital converter box. Before installing the converter, I was using a 4-port switch for the inputs (DVD player, VCR, and video game). I have the switch in the setup now, too.

I'd like to record while I am watching and while I'm away, using the VCR's excellent timed recording function. I understand that the only way to tune signals is through the converter box, and I understand that the VCR must be set to channel 3, and that the "VCR" button of the switch must be pressed.

Attached is a JPEG of my setup. Although I used just one purple line to represent RCA cables on this drawing, I have connected all three component ports (video, audioL and audioR) properly in each case.

I recorded once successfully while watching, pressing the VCR switch on the 4-port switch. But I CAN'T do timed recording. One time it seemed that the converter box turned itself off (I had left it on). Other times the converter was on, but the image recorded was "No Signal" and snow. The box is the DTX9950 "Digital Stream Digital-to-Analog Converter with Analog Pass-Through" from Radio Shack.

Is my setup wrong?



What's watt... (OR) Time for change...

You'll need to exchange the Digitalstream tuner for a Zinwell ZAT-970 That one has a 8-slot timer you can set to change channels one minute before recording.

If you only tape one channel, then your converter is fine.

You will need to turn off the auto-shutoff function that is enabled. Even though these CECBs use no more than 8 watts of power, they have a power save function that drops it to about .5 watts when turning off. Make sure to find a Power Save or Sleep Mode timer and turn it off. It takes less power than an old incandescent night light, so...
Thank you.

I'm not sure I need the capacity to change channels, so maybe I'm okay as is.
Thank you for suggesting that I turn off the power save function. It did not occur to me that the box turned off by design, and I would not have thought to look for such a feature.

I now can successfully record using the timer on the VCR. The biggest problem is ensuring that the VCR doesn't try to act as tuner. I have found that I must continually reset it on channel 3.

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