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Just got word from DIRECTV that they will be carrying the Cooking Channel at launch on Monday. (Fine Living is going away and is being replaced by the new Cooking Channel.)

DISH will also be carrying this channel as well at launch.
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It will be interesting to see some of the imported talent they intend to bring in from Canada TV. But to me they are dying on the vine already hoping the same ole same oles will boast the channel to only source for cooking shows it once enjoyed. To me they have wandered into entertainment, with a dearth of shows about how to cook, or even shows showing real cooking where one might even pick up a small tip. Create Channel to me has the beat hands down from (guess I am getting there) as an insider to the industry. One episode of "Cooks Country Television" or even the short 20 episode "Sara's Weeknight Meals" show more real cooking techniques than an entire season of Emeril Lagasse, or Bobby Flay both ego maniacs in my book.

Robert Sietsema, the restaurant critic of The Village Voice tends to agree with my opinion. Quoted in the NYT as saying:
The Food Network “once thought they had cornered the market on food television shows and they have been beaten creatively by PBS, who had much better content and much better thought-out shows,” said Robert Sietsema, the restaurant critic of The Village Voice. He appeared on the network in its very early days but since then has often lambasted it for lacking authenticity. [1]

I wish them well, but the reason PBS has gotten such a following amongst those that work the industry are the authenticity, information, and learning techniques from other cooks and chiefs.

[1] The Food Network Expands With the Cooking Channel -


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I've been wondering why there's a new channel. I didn't realize it was replacing Fine Living. I never watch F.L. I'm not even sure it's on Comcast here.
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