Cord Cutters Hiding in Plain Sight


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A bit of background. I myself cut the cord about a year ago. I replaced my cable subscription with an HDHomeRun digital tuner and connected a low power PC running Windows 7 acting as a DVR to my TV. I combined that with a Netflix subscription that includes streaming video and have not looked back since. Between over-the-air HD network programming, Hulu, and Netflix I can watch almost everything I want within a day or two of it airing (if not live). For those handful of cable shows that are not available for free online, I just wait for the DVD to be released and get it delivered by Netflix as part of my subscription. By almost any measure, this is classic cord cutting.

However, not quite every measure. You see, for this plan to work I still need a high-speed Internet connection. My local ISP is Comcast – also a cable company and also a phone company. As far as Comcast is concerned, I am not a cord cutter. In fact, as far as Comcast is concerned, I am actually a Triple Play (Internet, video, and voice) subscriber.

How is this possible? Bundling (and a bit of creative categorization). When I called to cancel cable, I was shocked at how much “naked” Internet would cost me. I was a bit less shocked to find out that it was actually cheaper to subscribe to a basic cable package AND Internet than to just subscribe to Internet access. As a result, as far as Comcast is concerned I am still a “cable subscriber” even though there is not a TV in my house connected to cable television.
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I kinda suspected this.

I despise "bundling" - Here's something you don't want, but you have to have it to get what you do want for this price.

I get my internet from one company, TV OTA, and phone is magic jack. I also have 2 prepaid wireless phones. I spend a total of $58 a month, including taxes, between 3 companies.

Let's see Comtrash beat that bundle.