Cord Cutting Accelerates!


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The pay-TV industry contracted in the third quarter at a faster pace than a year earlier, signaling that “cord cutting” is accelerating as more consumers drop cable and satellite-TV connections.

Overall, the pay-TV industry lost about 179,000 TV customers, a steeper loss from the decline of 83,000 in the year-earlier quarter, according to public company reports and estimates from Wall Street research firm MoffettNathanson LLC. Already, more homes and businesses have dropped pay-TV service in the first three quarters of this year than in the whole of last year, MoffettNathanson estimates.
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A growing trend as prices go up and other options become more and more available. I cut the cord in 2009, and haven't had a pay-tv bill since. 26 channels of free TV, Hulu, and Amazon Prime work just fine for me!


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I'm now living in a house with cable (Cox). Hundreds of channels and nothing to watch.

When I move, I'm going back to the antenna and Ruku.

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