Cornoavirus "free entertainment channels" won't work



I got an email from Comcast/Xfinity: "More entertainment content is now available for you to watch for free: We have worked with our partners to provide a range of additional free content to keep you entertained while you're at home [Stay-inPlace CON-19 pandemic]. You can find it by saying "Free" into your Xfinity Voice Remote." So... I say "FREE" into my Xfinity Voice Remote and up pops Showtime, History Vault, Curiosity Stream, etc. and says I can watch free until April 9 due to pandemic. However, when I select Showtime, History Vault, etc. it says I must subscribe. What's the deal? Don't email me to say you will help those of us stuck at home for weeks by offering help with free channels and then don't? I can I get the Free channels you said I can get?

"Cornoavirus "free entertainment channels" won't work," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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