Correcting my Account - There has to be an easier solution. - DirecTV

I am terribly frustrated with AT&T. I was doing okay after by 11:00am having been on the phone with AT&T already for over an hour. I have had the same AT&T phone number since 1983. I have had DirecTV since 1996. In about 1998 I went through the process of obtaining East and West Coast feeds of syndacated channels by having Spokane stations sign the DTV waiver forms. I live in the country out of broadcast range.
On Dec. 23rd I walked into an AT&T store and requested to upgrade my family's phones to iPhone 7s. I asked about the DirecTV package and the sales rep told me he would cut my DTV bill almost in half if I switched my account to my wife's name. I would also get the newest equipment and the same package. The DirecTV tech showed up on time today and told me he was here for a new install and I had to call AT&T about my current account to close it out. He also told me the new equipment was not as good as my previous package which included 3 DVRs. Once he left I called AT&T and a nice youg lady was supposed to have helped me combine my old account into my new account. She also was supposed to have allowed me to replace a new small box with one of my older DVRs. It has been over 6 hours and the DVR is not connecting to the network. I am sure that another hour plus phone call. But that is not the main source of my frustration. I noticed at noon today my east coast feeds were not working - the feeds I have had for at least 13 years. I called AT&T and after explaining the entire story 5 times to 5 differnt reps, each was sympathetic to my situation but kept telling me I need statements from the local broadcasters. They told me the AT&T rep messed up and they were sorry. I pointed out if they checked my previous account the required forms existed with my name. No one took the time to check the previous account. I did not mess up. You would think 20 years with DTV and 35 with AT&T would get me more than a "you're right but we are sorry..". Two agents suggested I call before midnight, cancel the NEW account - then reactivate the OLD account. I should then send back the NEW hardware, then call back up and ask for my free upgrade. I would get the same savings and keep my stations.
Are you kidding me? Do you realize how much time AT&T staff and I have already spent? There has to be an easier solution.

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