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7-Day EPG! That's more like it. I have a DigitalStream unit that does about 1-and-a-half days out, but some stations only put out about the next 6-hours or so. How lame. My stinky Philips TV does not have a guide. I just assumed all digi-TVs would have it. Same for my Philips DVR (HDD and DVD), except is does give the current program description.

My dream CB would be: 2+ days of EPG, great at getting and hold the weaker and fluctuating signals, a rapid response signal meter, etc... etc. Again, my Philipsesesesez do not have meters at all. No more Philips products for me!

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Most integrated HDTVs (tuner and panel together) lack program guides. My hunch is that the makers don't bother to include them because about 85 percent of purchasers get their signals from pay-TV services that presumably have their own program guides. A built-in EPG would definitely be redundant, and might well be more trouble than it's worth, for these buyers.

EPG isn't all it's cracked up to be, BTW, as it depends on what each station puts out for guide information. If a station doesn't provide EPG data -- and a high number don't -- the tuner can't display EPG information. A far more comprehensive, reliable offering comes from TV Guide On Screen (TVGOS), which is broadcast by the CBS affiliate in most markets. This feature is definitely worth looking for the next time you're in the market for an HDTV or anything else with a tuner in it.

Lack of a signal-quality meter is pretty lame. If you had one, you might be surprised at how much you'd be able to do to strengthen those "weaker and fluctuating" signals.


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My Samsung DLP uses TVGOS which is much better than PSIP EPG but it also has the PSIP EPG feature. Come to think of it the Samsung has a lot of features that the new Sony LCD we bought doesn't.

But yeah most people will connect to cable/dish/iptv so it's a waste of a perfectly good feature (and tuner).


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Yea, I got the philippsesss too. It has a great picture (52" lcd) and I got it for $860... But the menu bites, (SCREAMIN white fullscreen... LOVELY in a dark room) there's no EPG, and no signal strength. Oh, yea, no "scan for new channels" function. BTW, Philips TVs are now made by Funai since late in 2008 (but not mine!).

My workaround is my DTV pal converter for both EPG and signal meter, thru the side aux in. Since I'm 17 ft from the screen, I can "surf" with dtv pal and cant really tell the difference vs. hdtv - its still digital, so the pic is ok. If I wanna watch HD, I just press the TV button on the univesal remote and go to the channel I want. Until I have an HD tuner, this works ok.

I do agree, there needs to be a better EPG in these sets... at a minimum, "next" show. Hell, DTV pal goes out a week on EPG, without TVGOS. If only stations would put that info on the EPG, the best I've seen is 2 days ahead.
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