Costco To Sell Winegard FlatWave


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Winegard... has announced it has reached an agreement with Costco Wholesale Corporation to make the FlatWave digital indoor TV antenna the exclusive TV antenna in approximately 200 Costco locations.
Costco also offers the Winegard FreeVision® antenna exclusively online as an alternative solution for situations where distance from the broadcast tower is farther away. The indoor/outdoor antenna can be placed inside, in the attic or outside and comes with a mounting bracket and 50' coax cable.

Winegard takes great pride in being more than just an assembler, marketing its antennas as "Made in the U.S.A."
Read more here: Innovative Winegard FlatWave™ HDTV Antenna Now Available at Costco - PR Newswire - The Sacramento Bee

While according to Pete Putman's (the HDTVexpert) tests the Mohu leaf has better performance (at least for UHF) the Winegard FlatWave may be a good choice for many people who live near the broadcast towers. Personally I'd like to see the FreeVision in stores too. Walmart is now selling the Antennas Direct ClearStream Convertable, so slowly but surely the antenna TV revolution is taking place.
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