Could cable cutters give TiVo a second life?


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Hulu Plus is now (finally) available for TiVo premiere, which puts me about 10 steps closer to pulling cable's plug and going over-the-air and digital downloads/streaming -- that is if fraking AT&T Internet doesn't cap my bandwidth first.

Hulu popped the announcement this morning for the second time since September. But it's no foolie this go around. Hulu Plus really is available for TiVo Premiere.

"In celebration, TiVo is offering a 6-month free trial to those who purchase a TiVo Premiere from a retailer or," Rob Wong, Hulu director of product management, blogs today. "This offer starts today and runs until August 30, 2011. And TiVo subscribers who already subscribe to Hulu Plus can begin accessing their account with no additional charges."

Well, I'm sure glad I didn't buy TiVo Premiere a few weeks back. I held off specifically because Hulu Plus was listed as "coming soon." If not for my tight budget, I'd likely buy an HD antenna and TiVo Premier and cut cable's cord today -- well, IPTV. I have AT&T U-verse.
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