Coupon cancelled?


I submitted several requests for coupons for my mother who lives in a rural area. Each time I get a confirmation #, but when I check the status it says "Coupon Status Found ...Your coupons have been cancelled".

Her mail comes to her via P.O Box.


Jason Fritz

Staff member
Hi again Sam,
This is one of those circumstances where you've most likely done everything right to apply for the coupons, but there is some sort of discrepancy or glitch that's not allowing you to complete the process.

Here is the government's contact information:

I would suggest that you write them an email, and include everything that you mentioned here on the forum, and stress the fact that you did click and put a check next to the "I receive my mail at a PO Box or other mail box service." option.

Let us know if you have any other questions.
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