Question: Coupon Program

I have 3 $40.00 coupons in my possession that were ordered online and received last year (prior to the transition) NEVER USED.
Each hold an expiration date that has now expired. Should they be trashed; or are they redeemable for replacements?


Staff member
Save them. They'll probably end up as collectibles years from now when we're having 360 3D ultra high def TV with 360 degree surround, touch and smell injected directly into your brain. :)

Otherwise they are pretty useless.

If you're going to trash them, send one to me. I bought my boxes at retail and unfortunately they kept the coupons. I'd like to show my kids one day.


Don't listen to that guy. You can get new coupons, but the FCC requires a $39.99 replacement fee. Also you can only use them at Circuit City.

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