Coupon Program

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Hi Kimmy,
How long ago did you purchase the converter box?

You have to receive the $40 coupon first to redeem it. The government currently does not offer any type of reimbursement program for converter box purchased without the coupon card.

Most electronics stores have a 90 day return policy (and some offer a 30 day return policy). Which store did you purchase from?

Your best bet would be to return your converter box immediately, and apply for a coupon. Once you receive the coupon, go back and purchase another converter box with the $40 coupon.


That is too bad that you have already made that purchase. You can always order a coupon for the second set if you have. I cannot imagine they would ever offer a rebate on something you already purchased, they are being nice enough to help subsidize the initial cost ahead of time.


I purchased it on 9/20/2008 at target. I asked them about the program and they told me to order the coupon, but did not inform me that I would not receive a refund if I purchased it before getting the coupon.


DTVUSA Jr. Member
That is most likely because they had no clue that there would not be a rebate on them such as this would be. They probably know just as much about all this as you do.

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